The Festival Podcast with Guy Lloyd: All Episodes

This weekly podcast showcases the best acts on offer for the festival season in Brighton in May 2022. Recorded in front of a live audience each week at the Electric Arcade, it's a great way to find out our top picks and tips for things to see and do.

Episode 1 featuring:

Mark Allen, Lorna Rose Treen, Ava and Jay from Hungary Visionary Wolf Youth Theatre, Simon Plotkin, and Crudi Dench.

Episode 2 featuring:

Laura Mugridge, Holly Delefortrie, Elliot Speller-Mason, Pete Strong, and Laurence Hebberd.

Episode 3 featuring:

Jack Kelly, Leoni Amandin, Jasmine Andrews, Alexander Shaw, and David James

Episode 4 featuring:

Omar Ibrahim, Lucy Frederick, Simon Indelicate, Sian Hutchinson, Katy Schuute, and Track 96.

And for a full list of all of our shows and events at The Electric Arcade, visit our ticketing website at

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