Hallo-queen: Celebrate the spooky season with the best in drag.

Every good party needs a theme, but it's rare you'll find any with two! The Electric Arcade is celebrating the spooky season in style this year with some of the best drag acts on the South Coast. We've got films, family parties and fiendishly fashionable hosts that will make this Halloween one to remember.

Scream Queen

Sunday 31st August | 7:30 PM

When it comes to movie nights, there’s nothing more fun to watch than a film so horrifyingly bad, that it’s good. From the absolute masterpiece behind The Room (“Oh hi, Mark”) to the spooky, anti-vegetarian nightmares of Troll 2, we’ve all enjoyed the poor production, overdramatic scripts and hammy acting that can be found in cinemas most catastrophic fails.

If we’re talking about good bad movies, budget horror flicks are by far the most hilarious.

This Halloween, local drag legend Fuchsia Von Steel will guide you through a specially curated selection of the very best of the b-movie horror genre. Expect vampires, ghouls and maybe even Satan himself to make an appearance, alongside whatever cheap and trashy nudity the filmmakers thought could get away with. Join our host for a rowdy night of cheesy, camp cinema, complete with intense scathing criticism from our host and copious amounts of popcorn.


Mama G's Story Time Party - Halloween

Sunday 31st October | 3 PM

Everyone's favourite pantomime dame (Metro) is back with a spooky, scary story-time party at The Electric Arcade. We'll be hearing terrifying tales of ghouls and monsters, performed with all the enthusiasm, energy and theatrics we've come to expect from the wonderful host.

Following the readings, we'll be dimming the lights and donning on our party hats for a fabulous family disco. From Monster Mash to Thriller, we'll be getting down all the top tunes for the season of trick or treat.

We'll be expecting to see your best Halloween costumes too! Mama G sure knows how to get in the spirit of things, and she'll be awarding the best-dressed family a special prize at the end of the night.


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